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Akashic Records

Reading the Akashic Records for clients is such an honor and a privilege. The energy and information that comes through has literally changed my life and it does the same for my client’s lives. The love that the Divine has for each of us is immense.    My forte is not building websites so please bear with me as I am just changing this site over to reflect the new addition to my toolbox as a healer of mind, body and spirit – reading the Akashic Records.

I want you to know that I am still here for you but will have limited space for clients for the life & health coaching side of my business. Know that after a reading, if you feel a need for follow through, you can schedule online but believe me, your team upstairs has more than enough to say that you most likely won’t need my help at all – with the exception of relaying the info they have to share with you!

Because truly, all you really need is you and your Records! And I can help you read them and find that knowing part of you with the aid of your spiritual team.

**Most readings are priced anywhere from $150 to $250 an hour, so take advantage of my learning and continuing studies of the Akashic Records.**

Readings – 60 minute readings are JUST $89.00

Make sure you schedule as quickly as possible to ensure you get a booking when a time slot appears as I travel a lot! If there are no times available, email me at lynnie@lynniemotivates.com (or from my contact page) and we’ll work out a date/time. Due to travel and signal, while we will definitely get you a reading, it’s a bit difficult to have regular hours.

“My reading with Lynnie clarified and validated a recurring lesson I am meant to learn from and work with in this life. It also gave me useful tools to move past blockages so that I can continue to move forward into my full potential. I recommend a reading with Lynnie for anyone seeking guidance on their journey and to expand their potential! Thank you Lynnie!”

“The reading exceeded my expectations. I felt like she knows everything about me, she sees into my head and soul, and knows all my emotions. All the answers made totally sense and gave me great understanding about my present situation, life, journey of my soul, and a clear directions for the future.”

Ildiko B.


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