Episode 17 – 5G and EMF Plus Autoimmune and All Disease Be Gone-True Hydration For Health and Healing

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The TRUTH about cellular health though hydrogen, why we are hydrogen deficient and the problems this causes, and amazing health and healing with six simple substances, including the amazing hydrogen molecule! Get ready for an episode that will change the way you think about hydration, and true health and healing.

Did you know you are Hydrogen deficient? Hydrogen gas (plus five other substances) can truly hydrate you, defeat dis-ease, add years to your life!

George Wiseman

George Wiseman

George Wiseman is a true American inventor, with a twist. He invents world changing technology but does not patent it. Instead he sells the information and devices goes directly to the public and teaches as many people as he can how to duplicate his innovations. Yes, several people have used his technologies to make millions and not paid Mr. Wiseman a dime. But that is OK by Mr. Wiseman, because he is trying to get his innovations actually USED by the public.

He thinks of himself as an alternative energy researcher and started his business, Eagle-Research, in 1984; at first selling fuel saving information and technology. He was able to revolutionize that genre, not only inventing several practical fuel savers, but also the technology that allowed fuel savers to interface with modern fuel systems. He then became an expert in Browns’ Gas, also known as HHO or HydrOxy, and has focused on that for the last 20 years.

Fuel Savings was just one of the more than 30 useful applications for HydrOxy. Another Mr. Wiseman optimized was using HydrOxy to replace torch fuels like acetylene. The application he is currently focused on is HydrOxy for health. Hydrogen for health is fast becoming one of the most important innovations of all time and Mr. Wiseman is guiding the technology into using practical and SAFE technologies to apply it.

Meet George Wiseman of Eagle Research!

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You’re going to LOVE this American Inventor!



Note: Brown’s Gas (aka BG) and HydrOxy are used interchangeably during this podcast. HydrOxy has six different substances that make it not only hydrogen rich for health and healing but also contains a total of six different substances we’ll discuss in this interview. Hydrogen water is amazing for healing but HydrOxy is next level healing.

10:26 The Universe/God gave George the information he needed to heal his wife of Lupus in 1996. He was overwhelmed and busy taking care of her 24-7 so he wasn’t able to do his research and didn’t listen or act on that information his customers were sharing with him and so she died

11:25 The illness she had was Lupus which she could have been “cured” of quickly and easily using his invention of the Brown’s Gas (BG) which is what his invention we are talking about today provides. She was sick for over 10 years. A customer told him that she cured her Lupus in only three short weeks using the BG. George has felt horrible about that ever since and has dedicated his life to helping others through his inventions so that others don’t go through what he and his wife did

12:26 Study done in Japan on mice and humans showing that both can live to a very long life full of vitality (30 to 50% longer) healthy life span. Playing tennis or doing what you want to do.

14:54 My first experience with Brown’s Gas aka BG, aka Hydroxy gas, and the AcquCure® machine. The ENERGY it gave me! Off the charts!

16:44 George shares his first experience with the HydrOxy gas and what happens in the body.

17:42 His current wife’s (George has remarried) experience with 15 minutes of the BG or HydrOxy. Incredible sleep

19:15 George explains what Brown’s Gas (BG), aka HHO or HydrOxy really is and why it is important for our bodies to have this vital nutrient mixture and why it is not harmful and has zero negative side effects when taken safely

20:58 Why pH has nothing to do with health (think alkaline water). Why it is a fad

21:37 Why HydrOxy is next level to just hydrogen and why that is important to know

22:26 A chemistry lesson you’ll not want to miss on what is water and what is not water and why some water is actually dehydrating to your body and therefore damaging your body

24:10 Why infrared is good for your body and for energy to help your body function better

24:50 The actual breakdown of the six constituents that HydrOxy is actually comprised of:
molecular Hydrogen, Oxygen O2, electrically expanded water (EXW) that has soaked up electrons (gaseous form of water – a negatively charged plasma) which are bioavailable to the body, water vapor, small amount of monoatomic oxygen and hydrogen. That is SIX different useful constituents created from simply water.

26:00 What is ORP (oxygen reduction potential) and why it is important to know the ORP of your water. Tap water is typically positive (around 400 ORP) which depletes your body of energy

29:00 Why this is the perfect anti-oxidant for health and healing and why it is a SELECTIVE antioxidant so it doesn’t mess with nitric oxide for the vascular structure. This is a GREAT explanation

31:21 Muscles get harder and stronger even if you’re not working out and your ability to do activities and things that are easy as a younger individual are now easy to do no matter your age and speed and agility improves. George’s story of balance that improved immensely

33:14 Viruses and diseases and how HydrOxy helps. His story of psoriasis, warts, and all scars all disappeared just by breathing the HydrOxy gas.

35:55 Hydrogen is a food –
A human body is 62% hydrogen by volume, 24% oxygen, 12% carbon & 2% everything else. That 2% means vitamins, minerals that everyone talks about – this is only the 2%! Hydrogen makes up the most of your body.

36:18 When you are Hydrogen deficient, the first thing to go is the regeneration/rejuvenation system. The body is an amazing machine and knows how to shut things off like rejuvenation if it needs to stay alive. It will shut off extraneous things just to stay alive.

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37:07 When you start supplementing with the hydrogen, the first thing that comes back online are your immune systems which get rid of viruses, pathogens, illnesses, and even cancer.

38:27 In George’s case, by breathing in the HydrOxy gas, rather than just drinking it, his immune systems turned back on and were able to get rid of the viruses and autoimmune issue of psoriasis that he had had for over 50 years in only 6-8 months

38:40 Scars on his body also disappeared during that time – what the body does to heal when it doesn’t have enough hydrogen and what it does to heal when it does!

40:56 Even a surgical scar is gone and a heart murmur he had all his life is gone by breathing the HydrOxy but this is not just Hydrogen, but the HydrOxy gas

42:00 LED lighting conversation – how to make LED lighting safe

45:53 Why hydrogen gas (and HydrOxy gas formed in the AquaCure®® machine) may just be a good answer and healthy way for the body with 5G and other EMFs, smart meters, and even physical radiation from medical devices or medicine – it prevents radiation damage and ALSO helps the body to HEAL from radiation damage

46:36 Physical proof after the radiation damage after flying in an airplane for four hours – George got a live blood analysis which tells (and shows!) the truth of the power of hydrogen and healing. Keep in mind, this is just hydrogen so know that even a hydrogen machine will be helpful to breath the gas and drink the water.
The AquaCure® is next generation containing five more types of constituents that go beyond simply hydrogen – it creates SIX useful substances, or constituents, from distilled water!

49:13 Discussion on hydrogen supplements (e.g. MegaHydrate by Patrick Flanagan) and the best ones to take to supplement with hydrogen according to George (recommends this hydrogen supplement rather than the MegaHydrate). C-60 Purple Power absorbs hydrogen like a battery and releases it a little at a time to keeps hydrogen level in your blood – so that may be a better product to choose.

NOTE: If I were going to use a C-60 product, I would use Wayne Blakeley’s The Perfect Molecule as that is totally a product line I recommend highly and can trust with my entire being. Many of you now use Wayne’s products and have had amazing success getting rid of mold, fixing gut health issues, and even hormonal issues. I don’t think there is a better product line on the planet for probiotics – and they are LIQUID! Btw, I am not an affiliate (yet), just a huge fan and client. And I had the honor of interviewing him for you – it is another fascinating interview: click here for the interview with Wayne Blakeley

52:50 Another lesson about energy – Why the HydrOxy gas works very well with carbon based material (we are 12% carbon and a carbon based entity) and why the C-60 is helpful to us.

55:00 What hydrogen supplement is best when flying? You can get it from drinkhrw.com My daughter and I will be taking this supplement for our flight to and from Italy and to stay healthy and avoid jetlag.

56:49 Great to be breathing the gas while working on the computer (think EMFs/radiation) hopefully your computer is not plugged in and charging as you’ll turn yourself into a conduit and that won’t be good!

57:53 Cell signaling – I take ASEA every day and wanted George’s opinion on whether or not the HydrOxy gas does the same thing helping cells to communicate better. He shares a great story as an example of how the HydrOxy gas repaired the nerve damage on the palms of his hands and on his shins on both his legs which were totally numb, and George concluded that yes, it most likely has the same mechanism that ASEA has in the body. Psoriasis was gone in three weeks but in two months the neuropathy and arthritis in his hands was gone.

“Anything that hydrogen can do, the Brown’s Gas can do PLUS”. Quote from George Wiseman

He goes on to say that It’s because you have the extra energy, and any cell signaling is going to involve electrons. It gives you the energy that you need to heal.

Personal note: For this I am excited because I know that ASEA works as I have been using it since December for both myself and my dog. My dog IBMiel has less joint pain and can walk better. If I take her off the ASEA for a day or two (forget to give it to her), she begins to limp. Now I am giving her the HydrOxy water so we will see how that does for her

1:02:02 Eye floaters and wearing eyeglasses – George no longer ever wears glasses because his eyes have healed

1:03:07 Diabetes is really insulin resistance and why HydrOxy heals – the body loses the ability to turn cyanocobalamin into methylcobalamin (B-12) which creates neuropathy or the loss of feeling in the body. Alternatively with neuropathy one may feel like they’re being stuck my pins and needles or walking on glass. Also, the pancreas is over-producing insulin so the cells are being force-fed insulin Type 2 Diabetes is really an over-eating disease of the wrong foods. Fasting is the best way to increase the insulin resistance and heal diabetes Type 2.

HydrOxy is that 100% of the time, hydrogen either directly or indirectly helps the body to heal with zero side effects, besides the healing. It’s Nature’s most perfect food, exactly what the body needs – a macronutrient of the highest order

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1:07:31 When the Universe was formed, the great Creator and Georges analogy of why he thinks the Universe was intelligently designed rather than spontaneous. Organization takes intelligence.

1:08:37 Taking baths and using the Spot applicator – put on a wound, eye, psoriasis and how the following:

1:10:11 Two stories of curing melanoma on the skin with just the water in only three weeks’ time

1:12:55 Asia is way ahead of us in health and healing and they have had hydrogen bars forever where a person can just walk in and just like getting a coffee, they get a cannula and get hydrogen gas.

1:16:08 George explains why are we hydrogen deficient and how antibiotics have created a problem for not only our digestive tract bacteria (flora) necessary but also what the hydrogen does in your body and why it’s important (a short lesson on stinky foo foos!) haha!

1:18:37 Viruses & Vaccines – if forced into a vaccine situation, use mega doses of vitamin C and mega doses of hydrogen water and gas – the drinking of the water and breathing the gas. Autism and MMS, ozone, and hydrogen gas.

1:21:56 Anti-aging Benefits of breathing and drinking the HydrOxy gas and taking baths infused with the HydrOxy gas: Younger looking skin (e.g. crows feet and wrinkles, hair color coming back, hair growing in where bald, thicker hair and in the baths, makes the skin feel alive and tingly and customers report feeling wonderful after taking a HydrOxy bath like they have never felt before

1:24:39 Heart disease and blood pressure – does the cardiovascular system good as it rebuilds tissues and strengthens the muscle. This is why George’s heart murmur is gone. Blood pressure goes up or down depending upon what the body needs and helps eliminate the need for meds. It may take a couple of months depending upon your body.

1:27:00 There is a one-year guarantee on George’s AquaCure® machine.  He personally says he wouldn’t take a ten million dollars to stop breathing Brown’s gas for the rest of his life as he recognizes the health benefits and value of the gas. He expects to live a couple of HEALTHFUL decades longer because of the HydrOxy gas. Without aches and pains, and no dis-ease in his body with full mental and physical capacity. This is why he is trying to teach as many people as possible how to build their own, or to purchase his AquaCure® machine.

Personal note: As I write this out, I am now six days into breathing the gas and drinking the water. I have more energy and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energized!

10% OFF the AquaCure® machine! Use the coupon code LynnieMotivates and get 10% off your purchase. Share this code with everyone you know so that they too can be beneficiaries of this healing water and gas. Use the code LynnieMotivates at eagle-research.com.

1:29:00 Why being sick is not worth it takes away joy from your life and for the caretaker, they have no life either. Why get to that point. And if you are, this just might be your answer so that you can allow your body to heal with this nutritive gas which your body needs

1:29:45 The best container to put your water in. The best metal that holds it in is aluminum but for health reasons, who would drink out of an aluminum can? You have electrically expanded water, which gives the water its electrical charge. Bruce Tainio, a frequency researcher now passed, discovered that when you bubbled the water with the Brown’s gas (BG or HydrOxy gas), you got the most healthful frequencies and he bought one of George’s AquaCure® machines immediately. As did Dr. Patrick Flanagan, a most amazing inventor and he is the one selling the MegaHydrate (which I will no longer buy since I have the AquaCure® machine) and Crystal Energy when he realized the value of the BG or HydrOxy gas for health. All the water experts have bought one of George’s AquaCure® machines once they tested it and found that it works better than anything they have found in their lives.

1:32:20 Best to both drink the water and breathe the gas to get the most benefits – this hydrogen rich water the AquaCure® machine creates for both breathing and drinking helps your body to heal in many ways and get into homeostasis or back to balance

1:33:19 How long does the Brown’s gas stay in a water bottle. The half-life is one day so half gone in one day in a sealed bottle no matter if it is stainless steel, plastic, or glass. You can always re-bubble the water with the BG. The water will last a few hours longer if the water is in the refrigerator. Don’t be fooled by the hydrogen or HydrOxy water sold in aluminum cans as the gas will dissipate. I asked him about a Dr. Periccone who I read sells hydrogen water in aluminum cans. George talks about the that, and the types of water coming over from Asia sold in bags for liquids, and he said you may as well just drink water as the gas has most assuredly dissipated in transit.

1:35:23 Frequencies of the water and the AquaCure® machine – 432 is a good harmonic frequency that is good for the body. If you have a specific ailment, you can set the machine for that frequency, specific to that ailment, and it will impress that frequency onto the gas as it’s being formed – specifically onto the electrically expanded water. It’s like homeopathy.

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1:39:07 Understanding the health benefits of the AquaCure® – get 10% off by using the code LynnieMotivates. Please share this podcast and share the code.

1:40:26 Healing Autism with HydrOxy, MMS, and oxygen therapy.

1:42:40 How doctors use to practice medicine

1:44:25 George’s interesting philosophy of life and health and the living of life rather than having lots of “things”.

1:46:04 Pets, Animals, Fish, Plants and HydrOxy – Koi fish, chickens and the healthful application. Doubled egg production of the chickens overnight just by drinking the hydrogen rich water. Plants will grow 3x faster in the same amount of time. Hydroponics 10x the amount of growth in the same amount of time.


NOTE: George recommends drinking distilled water – read why here and recommends this hydrogen supplement* rather than the MegaHydrate I have recommended for years. Due to what I recently found out, our bodies have to work harder to get the hydrogen from the microclusters from MegaHydrate and while I love Patrick Flanagan,  for this reason I am switching and trying out this new product. I’ll keep you apprised with live blood analyses when I can.

*I have put this product in my store as I trust it will be good and am therefore now an affiliate. I will use it on my Italy trip while on the plane, and hopefully be able to do a live blood analysis when I get home to see how effective it is. Then I can decide if this is a product I want to continue to promote but for today, with George’s encouragement, I have ordered and am on this hydrogen!

AquaCure Model AC50


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We listened:  The AquaCure Model AC50 has additional features our customers were asking for…

Like easy and accurate user-adjustable gas volume and an hour meter.
We added a Tower Cap which makes the AquaCure simpler to use and even more reliable.

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and SAFE HydrOxy electrolyzer (generator) that should give you decades of trouble free service.

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Watch here:


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AquaCure machine

Thank you for listening to the WILD & FREE HEALTHY YOU podcast!

Be good to you and remember,

Your health is your number one asset. My job is to help you to protect it.

Now go out and be your biggest cheerleader and your biggest fan because no one can love you more than you can!

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  1. avery kravitz
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    I more than enjoyed listening to the interview with George Wiseman. I bought the Aqua Cure a month ago.
    He has figured out how to be healthy and we need hydrogen and the EXW water also to do this.
    Amazing person.

    • Lynnie
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      I am so happy you enjoyed it! And thank you for listening Avery!!!

      Were you able to use my code and get the 10% off? I would love to hear any results you get!!

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