Hello you beautiful soul!!

Welcome to the adventure of journaling during this unprecedented time in our lives!

While this is not the most fun of times, it is a time that is helping to define who we are and what we are going through. This will be a recorded document that will help all of us to remember what it was like and how we grew through such a challenging time and how we made the choices we did.

All you need is paper, pen and about 10 minutes or so in a private space where you can think freely uninterrupted. I like to journal in notebooks that are spiral bound so that I can flip the pages easily or even a composition notebook. It’s all up to you. If you can find an unlined notebook, even better so that your words and thoughts flow freely without the constraints of lines.

I don’t recommend journaling using the computer because it’s that flow from mind to hand to pen to paper that really helps us therapeutically and helps us to better complete our thoughts. But you do it however it works best for you. Some people are unable to write so they use an app to speak their words to the computer. Again, you do what is best for where you’re at.

I will send am email daily with a question or a thought for you to ponder and then write about. You can choose to use what I send or you can simply use your own thoughts. This is for YOU. So do what you would like. This is more about you recording you own personal history with the energy of a group just so that you make it happen for yourself. Be as vulnerable as you would like. No one ever needs to see it unless you want them to. I have found over the years that the more honest I am with myself, the more I grow. When I have held my true feelings back, I limit myself.

We will be together for 30 wonderful days gorgeous one! We will grow together!

Remember this throughout this whole adventure… YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS!

I will invite you to join me at least once a week via Zoom or some other way and maybe I’ll even put together a FB group. Let me know how you feel about that. And please email me with questions you would like the group to ponder. We’re better and wiser together!

Ok then, look for your first email coming soon.

With so mucho love for you,


p.s. the form below is for anyone who you think would benefit from joining us. Just send them this link to sign up to start their 30-days.