Amanda Sterczyk

Episode 12-Move More – Your Life Depends On It


Movement is very important yet people are dying younger than ever. Has convenience become more important to us? And if so, are we now paying the price with poor health and early mortality?

Amanda Sterczyk’s slogan is “Move More-Feel Better” because as a people, we opt to push buttons and have things delivered to us – from groceries to clothing to lifestyle gadgets. We’re no longer getting out and moving.

Amanda has some simple ways for us to move without having to go to a gym, crush it at a boot camp, or even breaking a sweat! Read more

Trish Rettler

WFHY-011-Flush Your Gut-Clean Colon, Happy Life

Does True Health really begin in the colon (your gut)?

You’ve no doubt heard how important gut/colon health is to overall health and happiness since it’s the soil that just like a plant, can help us to thrive or wither away into disease, achy joints, crappy skin issues, and premature aging and wrinkles. But there is a quick way to health and that is colonics

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