Episode 12-Move More – Your Life Depends On It

Amanda Sterczyk


Movement is very important yet people are dying younger than ever. Has convenience become more important to us? And if so, are we now paying the price with poor health and early mortality?

Amanda Sterczyk’s slogan is “Move More-Feel Better” because as a people, we opt to push buttons and have things delivered to us – from groceries to clothing to lifestyle gadgets. We’re no longer getting out and moving.

Amanda has some simple ways for us to move without having to go to a gym, crush it at a boot camp, or even breaking a sweat!

Amanda Sterczyk is an author, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Essentrics® Instructor, and Creator of The Move More Institute™, an initiative to promote healthy active living by adding more movement/activity/motion to individuals’ daily lives. Her first book, Move More, Your Life Depends On It: Practical Tips to Add More Movement to Your Day, is available for sale on Amazon.

She has been teaching group fitness classes since 2010. Amanda has taught men, women and children of all ages, as well as elite athletes. She offers in-home and/or in-office personal training, Essentrics group and private sessions, and movement coaching and workshops in central Ottawa, Canada, as well as online personal training via Skype or FaceTime. Amanda specializes in helping retired older adults and sedentary office workers maintain strength, flexibility, and mobility. Her slogan is: Move more, feel better.

Amanda holds a Master’s degree in social psychology from Carleton University (1993). Before her career in fitness, she worked for over 10 years in health promotion research and human resources.

Move More, Your Life Depends On It: Practical Tips to Add More Movement to Your Day is available for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/amandasterczyk

Contact Amanda Sterczyk:
c: 613.304.5128 | e: sterczyk@gmail.com
Ottawa, ON | AmandaSterczyk.com
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1:47 Amanda shows us the copy of her new book – Move More, Your Life Depends On It. (See it on YouTube)

Author’s Note: For those of you listening, you can watch this video on YouTube

2:27 Why Amanda started the Move More Institute in Ottawa, Canada and how it ties into why she wrote the book. It’s focused on non-exercise activity and just moving more during the day

3:16 How her Essentrics classes had students come in that she calls “Professional sitters” and she started running workshops for people who were too busy “sitting”

4:56 How adding small little bouts of movement to your day can help you to have a better and more pain-free life

5:51 World Health Organization ranked physical inactivity as the 4th cause of mortality. Adults from 18 years of age and up are dying prematurely due to not moving their bodies

7:16 Ordering online and using apps – convenience has become our enemy when it comes to moving

8:21 A parking tip for better health

9:00 Common sense is not so common anymore and how you can take baby steps to change your lifestyle for the better

9:10 Move More – Feel Better. Even people who work out once a day can become active couch potatoes and Amanda talks how to get around this for a healthier life.

10:28 Sitting is the new smoking – Amanda says not to throw away your chairs! When it’s OK to sit and why it’s not OK to stand all the time – moderation and movement is the key

11:30 What is Essentrics and how does it benefit the body

15:23 Many Essentrics Instructors started by watching Miranda Esmonde-White’s (founder of Essentrics) and realized how great it was just as I did. We chat about flow of muscle chains in the body, moving naturally, stretching dynamically, using all 650 muscles and 350 joints in every workout and how people may not get the beauty of Essentrics at first (like I didn’t) and then years later they know they need to do it for their body and for the ability to age gracefully with ability to move the body

17:28 How to get motivated?
Adding movement, physical activity, does not need to be costly, complicated or time consuming. Amanda says she is a Fitness Professsional who says don’t exercise just move more.

17:56 N.E.A.T. stands for Non-exercise Thermogenesis (this is how your body spends energy that is not eating, sleeping or dedicated 1-hour workout you might be doing). e.g. It’s things like walking down the hall to talk to a colleague rather than texting them. Break up the movement

19:26 Healthy, Active, and Obesity Research Network and what their findings are who study sedentary behavior. What a Prolonger (sedentary Sam) and a Breaker (Fidget Finn) are and why you want to be the Breaker

20:55 The truth about why people really shrink with age and how you can totally avoid that! HINT: It’s called physical inactivity or adding movement to your life. You don’t need fancy gym clothes, a gym, or any implements to practice what Amanda writes about in her book – Move More, Your Life Depends On It. She mentioned that you don’t even need to break a sweat!

22:18 Are you the Sedentary Sam or Samette? How to NUDGE yourself to make your life just a little bit more INconvenient. Convenience is killing us! Ideas on small ways to make BIG changes in your life

24:32 What is your vestibular system and why does it affect your balance. Can you turn your head when you are backing out of your driveway or do you have to turn your WHOLE body around? If you don’t use it you WILL lose it. And the sad thing is that many people do lose movement when they don’t have to.

26:15 The Fuzz Speech – watch this and you’ll want to run and buy Amanda’s book right now! It will totally change your perspective of inactivity

26:38 80% of people will have some form of back pain in their lifetime. Animals don’t get back pain because they inherently listen to their bodies. What does a cat do right when it gets up after sleeping? It stretches right when they get up because they are stiff and they want to unlock all that stiffness.

31:42 How to walk correctly and engage all the correct muscles

And so much more! Another episode you won’t want to miss!!!

Be good to you and remember,

Your health is your number one asset. My job is to help you to protect it.

Now go out and be your biggest cheerleader and your biggest fan because no one can love you more than you can!



Be good to you and remember,

Your health is your number one asset. My job is to help you to protect it.

Now go out and be your biggest cheerleader and your biggest fan because no one can love you more than you can!

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    Wow, this was such a fun podcast1 Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas for incorporating simple ways to move into our daily life!!


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