Episode 17 – 5G and EMF Plus Autoimmune and All Disease Be Gone-True Hydration For Health and Healing

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The TRUTH about cellular health though hydrogen, why we are hydrogen deficient and the problems this causes, and amazing health and healing with six simple substances, including the amazing hydrogen molecule! Get ready for an episode that will change the way you think about hydration, and true health and healing.

Did you know you are Hydrogen deficient? Hydrogen gas (plus five other substances) can truly hydrate you, defeat dis-ease, add years to your life!

George Wiseman

George Wiseman

George Wiseman is a true American inventor, with a twist. He invents world changing technology but does not patent it. Instead he sells the information and devices goes directly to the public and teaches as many people as he can how to duplicate his innovations. Yes, several people have used his technologies to make millions and not paid Mr. Wiseman a dime. But that is OK by Mr. Wiseman, because he is trying to get his innovations actually USED by the public.

He thinks of himself as an alternative energy researcher and started his business, Eagle-Research, in 1984; at first selling fuel saving information and technology. He was able to revolutionize that genre, not only inventing several practical fuel savers, but also the technology that allowed fuel savers to interface with modern fuel systems. He then became an expert in Browns’ Gas, also known as HHO or HydrOxy, and has focused on that for the last 20 years.

Fuel Savings was just one of the more than 30 useful applications for HydrOxy. Another Mr. Wiseman optimized was using HydrOxy to replace torch fuels like acetylene. The application he is currently focused on is HydrOxy for health. Hydrogen for health is fast becoming one of the most important innovations of all time and Mr. Wiseman is guiding the technology into using practical and SAFE technologies to apply it.
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Dave Stetzer

Episode 14 – The Truth About Electricity, WiFi, and Your Body

Dave Stetzer is BACK! And he’s loaded my YouTube Channel with videos that you will not want to miss! Because he’s going to show us the truth and he always says, “The meters don’t lie”. It’s quite mind-blowing to watch these videos because you realize –

Dave Stetzer

I heard about this, but now I SEE it! It is eye-opening for sure!

Ready to listen to the WILD & FREE HEALTHY YOU podcast and then click away to the vids! Well, let’s hit it! Your blood, your DNA, and your cells are a wastin’ away!

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Episode-13-Digital Detox For Digital Addiction


What you can do about it starting right now

Digital addiction is a very real thing. We check our cell phones or other digital devices at least 87 times per day!

I have a few tips that can be very helpful to dealing with our digital addiction by simply incorporating some simple and common sense digital detox strategies Read more