Trish Rettler

WFHY-011-Flush Your Gut-Clean Colon, Happy Life

Does True Health really begin in the colon (your gut)?

You’ve no doubt heard how important gut/colon health is to overall health and happiness since it’s the soil that just like a plant, can help us to thrive or wither away into disease, achy joints, crappy skin issues, and premature aging and wrinkles. But there is a quick way to health and that is colonics

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WFHY-007-Rock Your Meridians With Meridian Body Activation

Rock Your Meridians With Meridian Body Activation with Nina Kathrin

Nina Kathrin Weber is a Well-being and Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Meridian Body Worker, and an Energy Healer

If you love energy work and uplifting conversations, you will really enjoy this interview. We’re going to talk to Nina about her practice of Meridian Body Activations

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