Episode 16 – Learn About All Things Mold

Have you ever wondered why mold is so pervasive? And ,even if you have had mold remediation, why it comes back?

The answers to these problems and so much more!

Dr. Paul Pearce created Nova Biologicals, Inc. and has the lowdown on everything mold. He’s highly sought after to assess homes and businesses and will share with us where mold lives, what mold eats, and why it’s so difficult to get rid of. He will also share with us how you can kill mold spores.
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Episode 15 – Achieve Beauty, Youth, Longevity & Health Using Unique Probiotic Blends

Have you ever used expensive probiotics and wondered why they didn’t work as advertised? Or used turmeric for inflammation but while it’s heavily touted and worked for a friend or someone you know, it didn’t work at all for you?

The answers to these problems and so much more!

Wayne Blakely created Living Streams probiotics and he has been changing people’s gut health, one gut at a time. Mine (and my family including my pets!) is now one of them so I’m loving sharing this episode of the WILD & FREE HEALTHY YOU podcast with you. Read more

Amanda Sterczyk

Episode 12-Move More – Your Life Depends On It


Movement is very important yet people are dying younger than ever. Has convenience become more important to us? And if so, are we now paying the price with poor health and early mortality?

Amanda Sterczyk’s slogan is “Move More-Feel Better” because as a people, we opt to push buttons and have things delivered to us – from groceries to clothing to lifestyle gadgets. We’re no longer getting out and moving.

Amanda has some simple ways for us to move without having to go to a gym, crush it at a boot camp, or even breaking a sweat! Read more