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Rock Your Meridians With Meridian Body Activation with Nina Kathrin

Nina Kathrin Weber is a Well-being and Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Meridian Body Worker, and an Energy Healer

If you love energy work and uplifting conversations, you will really enjoy this interview. We’re going to talk to Nina about her practice of Meridian Body Activations

:33 and by the way, you’re going to LOVE her accent!

2:24 We discuss her FREE Meridian Body Activation 5-Day Challenge and my experience with it and the energy it provided

3:39 Nina explains what Meridian Body Activations are and how they benefit you thru powerful and deep meridian stretches and exercises along the meridian channels

4:49 Unblocking the stagnation of your body by moving the fascia thru exercise and stretches to heal negative imprints (gotta LOVE that!)

7:22 How surprisingly my training in Essentrics ties into Nina’s training

11:01 We are electrical beings and we are energy. Why it’s important to keep our energy flowing for harmony in our lives

11:59 Why energy and vibrational frequency matters

15:00 Why the energy work incorporated into these exercises and stretches matter

16:00 What does “Juicy” mean for women and how we can keep ourselves JUICY! Hint: It’s your fascia which can keep you young, energized, supple and vibrant.

18:18 Understanding blockages and how to use these activations to unblock your energy flow and unlock your infinite wisdom. Unlocking your body’s innate information and release that which doesn’t serve you so negative imprints don’t stay in your body and hold you back from whatever you wish or desire.

20:23 Living from your heart and your soul and feeling comfortable in your body again after disease

21:15 Removing the negative imprints that bog us down and stop our life force energy and stagnate us

22:10 How Nina works to remove these traumas and stagnation with her energy work and healing

23:04 Why we lose our posture and body alignment and how meridian body activation realign you and help with posture

24:19 My experience with the spleen meridian body activation using the legs standing and scissoring the legs in really makes a difference and is quite physical – left me trembling!

26:55 You do not have to be in great physical shape to do this but if you practice it consistently, you will be!

28:34 How breathing ties in

28:40 High and low traits of the various organs and what that means for health and feeling good with yourself and in your body

31:40 What you put in and on your body matters and how you can use good stuff to detox your body and increase your lymph and blood flow so that you have better energy flow!

32:00 Meridian Body Work along with nutrition is detox, exercise, stretching, open meridians so no backlog of stagnant energy, keep you juicy so you’re flexible, chakra cleansing, etc. A complete system!

35:32 How you can still get involved with Nina’s 12-week course and FREE 5-Day Challenge FB Group Wellbeing Masters Healing Body spirit and Cosmos
Embody Flow for the FREE  5 day stretches and trainings

38:28 Why I wanted to bite Nina and she didn’t run away (hahaaa!)

39:39 The DISH Network guy walks in the house unexpectedly and IB (our dog) decides to break up the moment (ummmm, it’s real life in the Wennerstrom household haha!) Nina is such a good sport!
41:36 How the healing integrates with the stretches and meridian body activations (exercises)


49:11 An amazing group healing with nobody walking in the background, walking unannounced into my house, and no IB barking her head off!  ENJOY and thank you NINA!! It is beautiful!!!

Here is Nina’s contact information:
On FB: NinaKathrin
FREE 5-Day Meridian Body Activation FB Group: Wellbeing Masters Healing Body, Spirit, and Cosmos
Thank you so very mucho for listening to, and learning, on the WILD & FREE HEALTHY YOU podcast. I am truly grateful that you care enough about yourself to tune in week after week.

Please don’t forget to share this podcast with your loved ones and those friends who may find it of help and interest.

Be good to you and remember:

Your health is your number one asset. My job is to help you to protect it.

Be good to you!

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