Episode 19 – Why The Aquacure Hydrogen Machine Easily Defeats Viruses And Why No Hydrogen Machine Is Safer

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The MOST asked questions about hydrogen are answered in this episode.

All Hydrogen machines are not created equal. Molecular hydrogen is a gas. It is a powerful molecule and can really eradicate harmful things from your body, from viruses to diseases. Get ready to really dig deep with me in asking questions that George Wiseman is happy to answer.


We discussed the benefits of hydrogen water, side effects of breathing and drinking hydrogen infused water, how much hydrogen infused water should you drink daily, what is a hydrogen water bottle and why one might think they need it, the difference between hydrogen machines and the AquaCure which is not just a hydrogen machine, but a hydroxy gas creating machine, how long hydrogen lasts in the body, why the Aquacure is so much better than its competitors (safety and efficiency are huge), and so much more.

I hope you enjoy the show!

George Wiseman

George Wiseman

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