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Episode 22_Should You Take a HUGE Risk On a New Adventure? Join Me! Come Along For The Ride!

Time for a BIG change! Sitting still and not growing is just not my thing, and if you are a follower of my work and creations, it’s probably not yours either. I’ll be sharing my new adventure with you where, well, I could fail if I allowed myself to. You’ll get to come along and see it all!

I’ll share the financial investment I made with you, and be truthful as I move forward in this new adventure I have chosen to take so that I can better shine my light to brighten yours! Sign up to follow as I will not be sharing it with all of my subscribers as some may prefer my health and spiritual sharings as opposed to watching my risk-taking self take this humungorungus plunge in this new venture!

It’s going to be a fun, interesting and wild ride!

If you’re interested in following along, comment below and I’ll provide the link when it’s ready!

p.s. Sorry for all the traffic noise! I had to be outside taking care of the puppies and didn’t know with my earbuds in, it was sooooooooo loud!!!

We’ll all make it though, traffic and all! 😉

“Everything is a message to me for positive change” – Lynnie affirmation


Difficult times can be the most rewarding for personal growth if you allow. Death can feel so final and emotionally debilitating but… what can you learn from it? Is it possible that everything is a message to your for positive change? Everything? Listen and find out!

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Episode 19 – Why The Aquacure Hydrogen Machine Easily Defeats Viruses And Why No Hydrogen Machine Is Safer

Can inhaling and breathing hydrogen gas really stop viruses? Why do people buy Hydrogen water bottles and what are they good for? There are Brown’s Gas machines that cost over $7,000, how George keeps the cost down. Why hydrogen rich water can really change your health for the better, even for the big C word. This is the time to ensure your whole family stays healthy by breathing and drinking Brown’s gas and hydrogen hydroxy water.