Episode 16 – Learn About All Things Mold

Have you ever wondered why mold is so pervasive? And ,even if you have had mold remediation, why it comes back?

The answers to these problems and so much more!

Dr. Paul Pearce created Nova Biologicals, Inc. and has the lowdown on everything mold. He’s highly sought after to assess homes and businesses and will share with us where mold lives, what mold eats, and why it’s so difficult to get rid of. He will also share with us how you can kill mold spores.

Meet Dr. Paul Pearce of Nova Biologicals, Inc.

Dr. Pearce is in addition to the President and Owner of Nova Biologicals, Inc., he is also an Assistant Professor of Pathology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. He hold advanced degrees in Microbiology, Chemistry, and Physiology. Dr. Pearce is a practicing microbiologist and is a recognized laboratory director in the areas of environmental, toxicological, and medical testing. He founded and has managed and directed Nova Biologicals, Inc. to its current status as Texas’ larges independent drinking water laboratory and leader in specialty microbiological evaluation, testing, and related remediation planning.


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Order you mold test kits or contact Dr. Pearce at NovaTx.com

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