Trauma Release & Body Work With Yerasimos

Are you feeling stuck, depressed, angry, emotional? Are you dealing with some trauma in your past that makes you feel ashamed or some other negative emotion? It could be that you just need the right person to help you to release this issue from your tissues using a trauma release technique.

What is trauma release? Who is it for? How is it done and what does it accomplish for you?

We go over what Yerasimos does exactly for his clients, and why he chooses to physically walk on them (no person is ever hurt in this process *wink*). His approach uses physical, intuitive, and emotional techniques involving Chinese body meridians helping people to overcome those traumas they have experienced in their lives – even those they can’t even remember yet for some reason they feel stuck, depressed, overwhelmed, or other feelings that they know are not really who they are. Listen to a story he relays of a very grateful client.

Yerasimos Stilianessis is a Transformational Bodyworker who supports his clients in releasing trauma, stress, and toxicity from their bodies, nervous systems, and lives. He guides his clients through a process of separating from and releasing that which does not serve them, and helps them reclaim the parts that will allow them to embrace their power more fully. Yerasimos has been invested in personal growth, transformation, and seeking optimal health for over 15 years. He began his dive into the human psyche training as an actor, where he was first introduced to the work of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, which piqued his interest in exploring the psychological realm of the human experience. After moving from New York City to Los Angeles and going on a deep personal journey, Yerasimos was introduced to an ex-Navy Seal and healing arts practitioner who took him under his wing and trained him in a Chinese Meridian based form of bodywork for several years. In addition to graduating from IPSB at Life Energy Institute, Yerasimos has continued his study on his own, developing and integrating multiple modalities into his sessions with clients.

Enjoy the conversation!

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