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WFHY-007-Rock Your Meridians With Meridian Body Activation

Nina Kathrin Weber is a Well-being and Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Meridian Body Worker, and an Energy Healer. She walks us through how you can move stagnant feelings (energy) through your body by using her unique stretches and exercises which activate the various meridians running through your body which include you organs and the emotions that have to do with each specific organ. It is a very enlightening interview and she blesses us at the end with a very moving and emotional energy healing that you can do at your leisure! Come back often and re-energize yourself with her energy healing!

Episode 5-8 Ways to Obliterate Overwhelm

8 WAYS TO OBLITERATE OVERWHELM Let’s make sure you are in control of “overwhelm” because it is only a feeling. It might feel like it’s the end of the world, but I promise you, it’s only in your head… it’s not real unless you make it real. Does any of this describe some of the […]


Enzymes are the spark of life. Without them you wouldn’t be able to swallow, move, eat, digest food, think or anything. Sawyer and I discuss why as you age wounds (e.g. cuts) don’t heal as quickly, how enzymes affect the immune system, keep you younger longer, healing cancer with enzymes, and we go over each type of digestive enzyme to understand what each does in the body. You ready to learn?



“DMSO has been called a “miracle” drug, capable of relieving pain, diminishing swelling, reducing inflammation, encouraging healing, and restoring normal function. DMSO-dimethyl sulfoxide – is a simple by-product of wood. Dr. Walker cites documented cases of its astounding use in the healing and prevention of a host of health disorders, including arthritis, stroke, cancer, mental retardation, and sports and auto injuries.”

Trauma Release & Body Work With Yerasimos

Are you feeling stuck, depressed, angry, emotional? Are you dealing with some trauma in your past that makes you feel ashamed or some other negative emotion? It could be that you just need the right person to help you to release this issue from your tissues using a trauma release technique. What is trauma release? […]