Jennifer Taylor, clinical herbalist, formerly worked in a pharmacy. She is now a formulator of herbal potions, concoctions and is an herbal tea specialist.

INTRO: How to treat anxiety and pain herbally

4:50 Jennifer’s story of helping her daughter with a painful condition that western medicine couldn’t help and how herbs won the day. Her story of moving from the pharmaceutical world to the herbal world
5:26 Most all pharmaceutical medicines come from constituents of herbs

10:50 Jen’s love affair with herbs and her contribution to my herbal journey and many of our sister herbalist’s journeys

12:11 Some of Jen’s favorite herbs and why she loves them – starting with Nettles – and what they can do for your body

13:10 Nettles not good if you are on a blood thinner

13:38 Why Nettles mixed with Oat straw is all the vitamin you’ll ever need

14:14 The Vitamin TEA recipe – HINT: contains oat straw

18:55 Tips for nursing mothers and herbal use

20:34 Where Jen gets her herbs and why she prefers one company over another

22:49 Herbs to help with digestion

26:40 Why the gallbladder is not a spare part and why you need it – if you don’t have it, what you can do herbally to remain healthy

29:49 Why Jen loves Ashwagandha for the adrenals – how this herbal adaptogen can benefit you with stress

34:00 Herbs and stress, anxiety and how different herbs have an affinity for different organs or systems in the body

35:25 Maybe you just need magnesium if you need better sleep and some other herbs that might be helpful for that

36:02 Help with Plantar Facetious, arthritis, and other painful symptoms with her herbal remedy that works like a charm

38:00 How herbs pick you, you don’t pick the herb and herbs that work for inflammation

40:40 Why you need to love and support your kidneys with dandelion tea when you have plantar facetious

43:12 Why comfrey is my favorite herbs and what it can do for you – sprains, torn ligaments, and more.

47:48 Jen teaches us the best herbs for creating energy in your body and forget commercial energy drinks – she teaches us how to make an infusion for energy

58:37 Do up a tea party in style and learn all about your herbs and how they benefit you

1:02 Why you might consider finding an herbalist with a pharmaceutical background to help you in treating your symptoms

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