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Jo Coppola

Handwriting is really brain writing – it speaks volumes about your traits, personality, and your health

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Jo Coppola  is a Handwriting Analyst,Certified Graphologist and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Jo has been an advocate for mental health wellness for many years, using the tool of Handwriting Analysis and Journaling in her professional work, with a particular passion in assisting young adults with a better understanding of self awareness and well-being. Jo has been teaching workshops throughout her career, and has a special interest and passion in Mandala Art interpretation and Journaling

Handwriting doesn’t tell half truths, handwriting analysis (Graphology) is a science and it tells all about your fabulous self


2:18 Handwriting and creative art therapy – getting away from medication and healing the wounds

3:17 How journaling (handwriting) and art helps to get unstuck from those wounds and re-tell your story

4:30 The right side of your brain is where your intuition comes from. Why you want to pay attention to it and how changing your thoughts can change your thinking

6:20 The interesting story of how Jo got into handwriting analysis (graphology)

7:44 What is handwriting analysis and how it can help you emotionally, intellectually, and creatively learn more about yourself

8:48 Europeans use this as the tool it is and in Israel, many landlords insist on having a handwriting sample before they will lease to a person

8:50 How companies use handwriting analysis to select employees

9:29 Handwriting is brain writing – it is a direct reflection of you in the moment

10:41 A person with “negative” traits (e.g. evasive, deceptive) can be identified just as a person with “positive” traits can be

12:06 Handwriting tells you so much about a person even if you’ve never met them but Jo shares how she works with people online with their handwriting sample to help them get to know themselves better because their whole personality – and even their health status – is revealed

15:01 What my handwriting told Jo about me before we did the interview and her analysis of my personality

18:52 Breaking down the letters, the zones (baseline, lower, and upper) to understand energy, traits, motivation, whether you finish projects or not, and goals.

22:22 Writing is communication – even if you’re jotting down a note to yourself or a list – you’re communicating

22:49 Why you might want to start writing love letters – even to yourself

25:35 A conversation – Is handwriting a dying art with the digital age (computers, email, cell phones, and texting) and what does that mean for you, and your children, great grandchildren in the future?

27:01 Why your signature is so important – learning to write used to be a privilege so we are moving backwards

28:26 Why grading handwriting and art has lasting consequences

29:16 When you reach the age of 18, your handwriting has formulated to represent who you are

30:00 Mothers need to teach their children the basics of handwriting and have them do artwork to develop the brain

34:03 How journaling can help you and why it is so important to write – in your own handwriting – Write your own story

36:20 The intimacy of learning about you (not anyone else in your life), your story, and when the best time to journal is

36:40 Why journaling can help you to get better sleep when you do it right before bed and how to do it

37:31 Jo is also a dream interpreter and she explains how journaling before bed helps you to dream better

37:52 How to prepare for grief and death with journaling – Jo has created a journal line to help people deal with grief and death

41:39 Why you should journal on unlined paper

45:45 More on letter formations and what they say about you (e.g. a tented “T” – think an upside-down letter “V” with a line through it to create the letter “T”), the ending stroke on your letter “E”, the angularity or roundedness of your writing.

(Lynnie’s note – to get your handwriting analyzed for yourself is really a helpful tool in your personal growth. Once you learn basics, you can practice changing that which doesn’t serve you to become something that does serve you!)

51:32 What the capital letter “I” says about the influence on you of your mother and father

52:39 Fall in love with your handwriting and yourself

55:00 Be yourself because you’re fabulous! Your handwriting shows that even when you think poorly of yourself – you’re wrong if you’re thinking that way so get your handwriting analyzed and learn to love yourself – Live and love yourself fully! Don’t be afraid to learn what your handwriting says about you – feel empowered!

56:31 Personal growth is just that – personal and unique to you. Comparing yourself to others and wanting to be like others is a waste of your own beautiful essence

57:26 How writing (in your own hand) can help your physical health

59:20 Keep pens, paper, and colored pencils around where you and your children can see it and use it and Jo’s advice is to do art with your children rather than putting them in front to the TV, or digital devices

1:01:00 Share a smile with people and watch them light up

1:02:00 Watch your writing as it gets smaller when you’re in crisis

1:03:25 What to do if you’re afraid someone will read your journal so that you can still journal with confidence

1:05:27 What do you look for in your writing that shows the status of your health (e.g. heart, headache, breast, kidneys) because handwriting is brain writing and your brain knows what is going on inside of you and exactly where in your body you have an issue that needs to be addressed. It is a science and doctors in Europe practice handwriting analysis professionally for diagnosing health issues

1:08:12 Intuition and why you need to learn to trust it and how writing helps you to get a sense of your true self

Handwriting therapy is really helpful for personal growth!

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Be good to you and remember,

Your health is your number one asset. My job is to help you to protect it.

Now go out and be your biggest cheerleader and your biggest fan because no one can love you more than you can!

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